It is the precision and artistry of the cut that decides the maximum amount of light the diamond will reflect. The better it has been cut, the greater will be its brilliance, sparkle and fire. When a diamond is cut to an excellent grade, light is internally reflected from one facet to another and dispersed through the diamond crown to create an amazing theatre of light. Our diamonds are the ultimate in cut perfection. Excellent for polish, excellent for symmetry and excellent for overall cut grade. 


Most diamonds look colourless. There are many subtle shade differences. The whiter the diamond, the more valuable it becomes. In the chaos of extreme temperature and pressure that created diamonds, traces of elements such as nitrogen and boron could have been incorporated into the diamond’s atomic structure. It is these traces that give a diamond its colour, or lack of it.
Our diamonds are bright and near colourless projecting a magical rainbow of light.



Thanks to nature, every diamond is unique. Each one possesses its own individuality. This could be due to minute traces of other minerals trapped during the crystallization process. These natural characteristics, called ‘inclusions’ are better described as nature’s fingerprints. The number, colour, nature, size and position of any inclusions determines the clarity of a diamond. The fewer the inclusions, the rarer the diamond. Our diamonds are only slightly included and therefore the blemishes are very difficult to locate with the human eye.



A diamond’s weight is the simplest of its characteristics to measure, and from the earliest times has been used to calculate one aspect of the value of a diamond. The carat is a unit of weight which is divided into 100 points. A quarter of a carat is 25 points. A half carat is 50 points and a one carat is 100 points which weighs 0.20 of a gram. Our diamonds will range in size from a quarter of a carat and up to one carat plus.

J M Asscher diamonds will all be independently certificated by the International Gemological Institute (IGI). This diamond report will show excellent cut, excellent polish, excellent symmetry, and relevant colour, clarity and carat weight.

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