Cul ring 3

A truly mesmerizing design with a regal twist. A central amethyst solitaire is embraced by a setting inspired by the motifs in the

Royal Sceptre.

Cullinan rubilite ring

This magnificent rubelite solitaire is embraced by a diamond studded, heart shaped setting, designed for

sheer opulence.

CUL ring 4

 Designed to delight, this emblematic ring showcases a stunning central topaz solitaire which is embraced by a setting inspired by the motifs in the

Royal Sceptre.

CUL ring 1

A circlet of delicate micro-set diamond flowers with "a touch of ruby fire" at their centres.

Beautiful Amethyst Orb ring ring

A true original, our amethyst orb is a splendid example of JMAsscher's craftsmanship. Our signature amethyst orb is at the centre of a micro-set diamond banded setting.

RING flower ring white

A circlet of delicate micro-set pure white diamond flowers with brilliant cut diamonds at thier centres

Ring 5049

A timelessly elegant solitaire ring, set with a brilliant cut diamond in a six point setting with a ruby accent stone at the base of a classic setting.

Ring 5046

A brilliant-cut solitaire ring which is set in a four point setting with an innovative contemporary twist.

Ring 5054

A brilliant-cut solitaire in a four point setting with the added sparkle of diamonds which are pavé set down the sides.

RING 5055

An opulent design for this brilliant cut solitaire which has the added appeal of diamond studded shanks and our signature ruby accent.

RING 5052

Timeless elegance personified, this ring has it all. The superlative crown setting embraces a brilliant cut solitaire and micro-set diamonds continue down the sides to add even more dazzling detail.

RING 5057

A dazzling brilliant cut solitaire which is teamed up with a "touch of ruby fire" and delicate diamonds set down the sides.

Ring 7629

This design is a marvellous blend of diamond purity and dazzling tiny diamond detailing, which is all melded together to create a delightful flower ring, of great delicacy.

RING Hero no shank

This magnificent ring is a triumph of JMAsscher design, which combines elegant scroll supports with a scintillating combination of solitaire and bead-set diamonds of great quality. A single diamond detail adds a delicate finishing touch to this heirloom piece.

RING Sceptre Flower 1

A divine piece of crafted elegance. A perfect flower ring which features exquisite micro-set diamonds.

EJ Ring 1
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EJ Ring 2
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