MJ Levy & Nephews, the well known London brokers, were the representatives for the English Crown and were going to supervise the manufacturing process in Amsterdam.

   At first the negotiations in London were not easy. The stone was very impure and under any circumstances the finished stone needed to become the largest polished diamond in the world.

   At Court some interesting questions were asked, a Lord, I remember his name vividly, but I shall rather not name him, asked my brother Joseph. “Once you have cleaved such a stone, can you repair it and stick it back together afterwards?”

   My brother Abraham chuckled and replied in Dutch “Give the man a hammer and a nail”

   The stone had to be transported (by Joseph) via the shortest sea route (maybe they were afraid of seasickness) to Amsterdam. The gentlemen, Asscher from our Paris office - Joseph, Lodewijk and Elie were all resident in Paris at the time. Accompanied by two Scotland Yard officers he wrapped the stone in chamois leather (put it into his trouser pocket) and travelled to Calais where they were met by Mr Abraham from Amsterdam who was protected by officers Pateer and Marcussen of the Amsterdam police.

Protracted negotiations took place.

“Give the man

a hammer and a nail” 

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