This is me at about the age of eight, sitting at my fathers cleaving bench, starting out on my journey into the diamond industry.

Jan Maarten's grandfather, Jacob Asscher marking a rough diamond circa 1950.

This book is designed to inform you about the world of diamonds, and to give you a personal insight, into some of the history and mysteries of how diamonds become the sparkling gems that symbolise forever…

The Asscher family have been ‘diamond people’ since the 19th century, and hold a very special position in the history of the important gems of the world and it is this story that will be told within these pages.

A few years ago I found, amongst my late grandfathers papers, a personal memoir about the role he played in the cutting of the ‘Cullinan’ diamond, which was at the time the finest and largest in the world. It will be my grandfathers words that will tell most of the story.

Jan Maarten Asscher

Hundreds of stories have been written about the Cullinan Diamond but there are many more, as yet, untold.

“I was present at the Asscher Diamond Polishing Works in  Amsterdam on the occasion of the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll when a presentation was made by Mr Lodewijk Asscher about the making of the Cullinan Diamond.

This brought back old memories to me and is why I thought it would be nice to write this down - because I was there.”

Jacob Asscher, 1892 -1977

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